We are a company dedicated to developing Real Estate projects, which provide opportunity and accommodate the busy lifestyle of today’s world.


With more than 25 years’ experience in the industry,  we know that every project has specific and different requirements. Hence why we always look for the best team for each project; having collaborated with leading architectural firms such as ‘Artigas Architects’, ‘Sordo Madaleno' , 'Springall+Lira', ‘Jaime Guzman’, ‘Fernando de Haro’ , ‘Workshop G’ , ‘Javier Zarazua’ , ‘KMD Architects’ , among others ...


ARHEA has developed both residential and commercial projects; always seeking the complete satisfaction of our partners, customers , suppliers and associates.

At ´ARHEA - Property Development´, our main objective is the creation of value through Real Estate Development.


In each of our projects we have provided attractive returns on invested capital, having the certainty that Real Estate has always been the most reliable and secure investment.


“Although population and demand for products is forever increasing, Earth remains the same, ensuring that property assets will only increase in value, despite any global or local financial crisis faced ... it is just a matter of vision and timing.“






'Kabeek' is the only Boutique Residential in Puerto Cancun.

Designed by ‘Artigas Arquitectos’, ‘Kabeek' consists of 30 luxury apartments, distributed over 7 floors, providing all amenities, elegance and discretion one could desire.







‘Nube52’  is the only complex situated in San Jerónimo with its own woodland.

A project created by the firm ‘Springall + Lira Arquitectos’; with only 13 apartments, you can enjoy magnificent views from one the highest locations in the south of Mexico City.






‘Aruna Contadero' is a unique project designed by Architect ‘Fernando de Haro’. Situated in Santa Fe, it consists of 48 apartments distributed across towers of only 4 floors, providing all amenities, magnificent views and spacious gardens with beautiful trees.







'Aruna Residencial' consists of 11 luxurious houses.

Designed by Architect Fernando de Haro, it is the ideal complement of Aruna Contadero´,  as it shares it´s amenities and spacious gardens








‘Lomas Altas II’, is the most exclusive residential in ‘Las Lomas’.

An expectacular project designed by ‘Artigas Arquitectos’.

Consisting of only 3 luxurious apartments, ranging from 700m2 to 1,300m2, with spectacular views of the surrounding wooded glen and a large private garden.







‘Paseo Molino´, is the most innovative project in the heart of Toluca.

It is a mixed-use complex with beautiful views of the Cathedral and the Alameda Park .

Giving you the opportunity to live as you have always dreamed of, it consists of 147 apartments, 2 levels of offices and a 10,000 m2 shopping center with restaurants, cinema, shops, cafes and fitness facilities.






‘Vindeza’ is an exclusive development with the prime location in Toluca. With exceptional 257 houses, from 150 m² , 175 m² and 210 m², with spacious bright spaces and extraordinary garden views. Two towers with 80 departments with all the amenities available, such as clubhouse, fitness center, games room, multipurpose room, jogging track, bike path and over 15,000 square meters of green areas. ‘Vindeza' is  the perfect place to live with harmony and with the best safety.








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